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What’s Cooking in Houston—A Look at 5 of the City’s Hottest Restaurants

It goes without saying that in a major metropolitan area like Houston, savvy diners have no shortage of restaurant options to choose from. But which are the hottest tickets in town, and what makes them so appealing? Here, we’ll take a closer look at five of Houston’s hippest dining establishments.

You’ll have to trek out to the Woodlands to see what all the fuss is about, but TRIS is well worth the trip. Diners can choose between a cozy table in the intimate dining room, or a seat at the more convivial bar. From the Korean crab poached in brown butter, to the veal osso bucco, to the handcrafted desserts, the menu offers something to tantalize each of the senses from start to finish. Service is personal and attentive, with an abundance of Texas charm. It’s generally easy to get reservations through the restaurant’s website, where you can also view their current offerings.

B&B Butchers & Restaurant
B&B Butchers is located in a grand brick building on Washington Avenue, offering diners a stellar view of the Houston skyline. The interior keeps the brick vibe going, adding in wood-beamed ceilings to give the space a warm, contemporary feel. With the word butcher’s in the title, you would expect meat to be the top draw here, and the menu doesn’t disappoint, offering a multitude of Wagyu aged beef as well as a number of domestic cuts. The health-conscious need not fear, however—there are several “pasture” selections to ensure that vegetarians won’t be left out. The full menu can be viewed on the B&B website

The hottest restaurants aren’t always the fanciest ones. Vinny’s, billed as East Downtown’s newest pizza joint, doesn’t put on airs—it simply serves up piping-hot slices of thick, chewy pie, cooked to golden with a slight char around the edges. You can choose from a list of designer pizzas such as the Green Machine (a feast of crispy kale, slices of red onion, feta, and sweet onion purée), or opt for a slice of traditional pepperoni with Wisconsin brick mozzarella. Gluten-free crust is available, as are an assortment of salads to start things off. Don’t forget to save room for dessert—the malted chocolate-chip cookie has to be tasted to be believed. Check out their menu to learn more.

Before you ask: It’s pronounced “so-chee,” and it comes from the name Xochitl, the Goddess of Flowers. The crisp, clean lines and neutral colors of this upscale Mexican/brunch spot are elegant without sacrificing warmth. Don’t come in expecting Tex-Mex style fare, though—this is the real deal, with a menu offering crispy goat tacos and several types of mole (a rich sauce made with dried chiles and unsweetened chocolate). Stop in at their Walker Street location to see for yourself. If you’d like to check out their menu in advance, click here

Nancy’s Hustle
The proprietors of this East Side bistro are unapologetic in their love for butter, good ciders, and a finely crafted cocktail—though not necessarily in that order. The space is relaxed and unpretentious, and the menu is carefully cultivated to allow each ingredient to shine. While you can check out their website to get a feel for the current offerings, they only accept reservations over the phone or through the booking site Resy. 

Whether you make your home in Houston or are only stopping by for the evening, you can’t go wrong with any of the hot dining spots listed above. With offerings like these, the city is poised to continue its streak as a major player in the gastronomic world. Bon appetit!

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