The Top 15 Travel Destinations in the US

All those who wander are not lost. So is the case with tourists landing this year on the diverse piece of land on the world map; America. Today we will be showing you some of the most mesmerizing and breathtaking places that you should consider going to while you are on the most memorable trip of your life. So without further ado let’s get started!

1. Venice Beach

Located in Los Angeles, this beach is must go to place for anybody who loves serenity. The city surely has other canals and beaches but this one stands out among the rest because of the most amazing gathering of street performers. They bring out the life in this otherwise sand covered beach. Venice Beach Boardwalk serves as a gateway for many tourists to mingle out with the locals, and get to know more about this place. One can easily have some ‘me’ time here while they grab a refreshing drink and have a walk along the boardwalk. While the extroverts can consider joining the live performers for a change and show their hidden talent. You can find all sorts of raw talented people who are dancing, singing, sculpting and doing everything you thought was impossible!

2. Mesa Verde

Are you a history buff? Or love site seeing with a tourist who is always around to answer all your queries regarding the archaeological? If yes, then this is the place that you should definitely be adding to your list, and quite frankly saving some extra cash for because the more you spend the better the services you can get. Mesa Verde National Park is located in the colorful city of Colorado. It preserves homes of the Ancestral Pueblo people, which were carved from caves and rocks. The historical site dates back to the early 13th century. Today the park protects nearly 5000 known archeological sites, including 600 cliff dwelling, according to the park management. These sites are some of the notable and best-preserved sites in the whole of United States.

3. Kennedy Space Center

Went to the US of A and never visited the space center, what kind of a human are you? Have you no respect for the great man that Neil Armstrong was? If you want to avoid such negativity in your life, then please grace this place with your presence. Kennedy Space Center is an impressive site for anybody who has even the slightest of interest in astronomy, located in Cape Canaveral which is on the coast of Florida, so grab a paper and pen and write down what this place has to offer. Firstly, this place holds historical important due to the fact that it has been the launch site for every human space flight since 1968. Secondly, one can learn about the early pioneers into space, and can even experience the space travel through Shuttle Launch Experience.

4. San Antonio River Walk

San Antonio River Walk, Texas, USA, in case you thought it was Venice.  So this amazing site that you are seeing above can be your view one day when you visit Texas. It is a net of walkways along the San Antonio River. The walk ways here provide the perfect time out from people and your daily chores. Lined by bars, shops and restaurants it provides the sheer taste of the place through art and its people.There are two corresponding sidewalks with shops and restaurants on both sides. If you have the eye for aesthetics and nature this place can make up for the perfect destination which is serene and worth some over the top Instagram pictures. Furthermore, the ambiance is dreamy enough to throw your loved one a nice candle light dinner at the nearby restaurant.

5. Navy Pier

If you are someone who is on a trip with their family to the US and they haven’t been treating you well, because of the poor choices you have been making the trip then this is the place where you should be taking them. Why? Because this place is a total package. It has got everything for everyone. Located in the most tourist’s favorite part of America that is Chicago; Navy Pier features countless attractions for the whole family including a children’s museum, 2 theatres plus numerous restaurants that can tantalize your taste buds. Are you still wondering? Well, let us make the choice easier, the pier also has to offer beautifully manicured gardens where you could get the most nostalgia because of the sweet smells. Souvenir shops provide the perfect pieces of memorabilia, so don’t forget to take home some fine pieces.

6. Sedona Red Rock Country

Sedona is a small city but it is surely a big tourist attraction when compared to the inflow of tourist every year. It’s a 2-hour drive from north of Phoenix in the beautiful state of Arizona. It got its name from the red rock landscapes that cover the region. It is highly recommended for tourists who are in for adventure; however, people who have an interest in landscape photography and people who are avid learners of topography can find this place dreamy too for obvious reasons. If you want to truly explore the place take plenty of time out so that you can have a wholesome experience of hiking. This place also offers numerous canyons, creeks, and paths, so basically it’s a nature lover’s heaven on earth- and possibly their dream come true.

7. Denali National Park

Denali National Park which is located in Interior Alaska is heaven on earth. The picturesque landscape leaves one in awe of the beauty nature has to offer. It often leads to the self-realization too – it makes one ponder over the reality, which is climate change. The star feature of this Park is Mount McKinley, which also holds the title of being the highest mountain in North America. It got its name from the same mountain to- Denali in Athabaskan language refers to Mount McKinley. So you are basically in for an eye candy trip. The landscape, the weather, and wildlife, everything is on point. The park claims to preserve wildlife’s habitat, claiming there are grizzly bears, caribou, moose, wolves, and numerous other creatures for you to see and adore.

8. Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park holds the title of being world’s first national park. It was formed in 1872 to preserve the countless geysers, hot springs and dormant volcanoes located in the area- Yellowstone national park is itself located on a dormant volcano. This park contains numerous geothermal features that are known to the world including 10.00 examples of geysers and hot springs. Apart from the geographical aspect, it also preserves wild life to the fullest. Preserving bears, deer, bison, and wolves to name a few- they are all found within the park borders.  So if you are heading on for something cool and fun be sure to give this park a visit because surely you wouldn’t find something so unique such as a park on a volcano itself. Plus the immense knowledge that you can acquire through just one visit is definitely better than scanning libraries for days.

9. Las Vegas

The ultimate adult entertainment place. Las Vegas is located in the mid of Nevada desert. Casinos, strip clubs, bars and all other vices of the similar sort are found in ample amount in this place. This place offers a lot of extravagant level pampering, like giant casino hotels that are embellished in the most exuberant manner to create a fantasy sort of atmosphere. Casinos here have names even that follow a theme that makes one think of that place as full of romance, mystery, and getaway from all your worries and troubles while the owner’s cash on you. So beware before you lose everything in gambling.

10. Disney World

Disney World is the first place that kids mostly request to visit on their arrival in the US because what else would they want to do if not visit the home of their favorite cartoon character and spend time with them. Located in Orlando, Florida Disney World is actually made up of many different amusement parks, namely Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Blizzard Beach Water Park and the Animal Kingdom. Visitors here will be able to enjoy a number of thing; night life, mouthwatering cuisine, thrilling rides, Broadway quality entertainment and shop their favorite Disney merchandise at Disney Springs!

11. White House

The place most Americans dream to rule one day. A place that is almost replicated in every other Hollywood movie, serial, book and everything else. The White House. When you are traveling to the US, please make sure you visit the Oval, well obviously you won’t be allowed because that is where the president works. Built between 1792 and 1800, the White House was first used by President John Adams. However, in the recent years, it has become rather difficult to get access to it so you have to request a visit 6 months beforehand and only a group of 10 people is allowed inside a building where the most powerful person on Earth resides.

12. Niagara Falls

Located somewhere between Ontario and New York, this is truly nature’s wonder. It is actually a mixture of three waterfalls out of which two falls on the American side while the other lies on the Canadian side. It’s as famous as President Trump’s scandals. Attracting almost 14 million viewers every year this site is an ideal tourist destination.

As an add on information: the three falls namely are American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and Horseshoe Falls.

13. Manhattan

If you are someone who loves watching skylines and is not afraid of heights, that has acrophobia then this place is just made for you. It is basically the hub of urban- is with its sky scrapers and lights. In Manhattan you can enjoy the ultimate urban culture to the fullest; latest fashion trends, celebrities, business offices, and what not! You can walk under the shadows of sky scrapers, see a Broadway Show, climb the most famous Empire State building, and take a stroll in the Central Park when you feel exhausted and shop at the best place in town- 5th Avenue!

14. Grand Canyon

Located in the state of northern Arizona, Grand Canyon is one of the most prominent and famous tourist attraction in the United States.  It’s not the depth or the length that makes this tourist site stand out, instead, it’s the landscape that follows it. The trail that follows the canyon is rather intricate and colorful, providing the visitors a delightful view that they can bask in for the time being. Lush green trees cover the sides of the canyon at one point while at the other there are just bare mountains going up and down with ridges and textures and colors of unknown. The Grand Canyon is 1.6 Km deep and almost 446 Km long.  So when you plan a trip here, make sure you pay special attention to the surrounding and how it basically evolves throughout the canyon.

15. Mount Rushmore

Remember how people living in the US would send postcards back home on special occasions with pictures of famous tourist sites? Mount Rushmore was among the most frequently sent post cards. Children would call them ‘Face Mountains’ because they couldn’t really grasp the crafted artistry those mountains reflected.  Located in South Dakota, Mount Rushmore is a national memorial. It commemorates four former American presidents. The faces of these presidents are carved into mountains by blasting rocks. The presidents that are carved into mountains include Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Theodor Roosevelt.  And now President Trump is also planning on getting his carved in this national monument. The presidential trail at the base of this mountain provides interesting information regarding this landmark, hence putting it first on the list of most desirable places to visit in the US.

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