The Top 13 Most Tattooed US Cities

From tattoo conventions to every social media outlet, it’s quite normal hear people boasting about how their city is the most tattooed. Clearly not all of these cities can be glorified as the most tattooed, so we decided to concoct a pretty accurate list of the 13 most tattooed cities in America. Let’s see if your city made it to the coveted list.

– San Francisco, California 

Known as one of the most liberal and artsy cities in America, San francisco is home to 86 tattoo studios. One of the worlds famous tattoo artist ROXX from London even opened a store in the city called 2Spirit. 

– Austin, Texas 

Everything is bigger in Texas, even the tattoo scene. With a total of 89 different stores, there are so many quality studios to choose from. True Blue Tattoo and Perfection Tattoo are just a couple of the renowned shops in the city, home to some of the most state of the art equipment in the industry.

– Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Philadelphia is home to over 103 tattoo parlors and counting offering some of the best services in America. Not too far from Philly, if you travel toward Pittsburg, you’ll get pass by another 97 other tattoo shops. 

– Detroit, Michigan 

This picturesque city offers 108 different tattoo shops all the way from the outskirts of the city to the upper-class. The Iconic Tattoo parlor is one of the latest tattoo stores in the heart of the renaissance part of town using some of the most intricate needles and equipment. 

– Chicago, Illinois 

Not just famous for the deep dish pizza, Chicago also has quite the tattoo scene with over 121 tattoo salons to pick from. Definitely a mult-faceted city with so much to offer.

– Miami, Florida 

The sunny Miami, Florida known for a party scene unlike any other also offers a tattoo town like no other as well. With 127 tattoo shops, inking in Miami will be a breeze. 

– Portland, Oregon

The tattoo community of Oregon in general is quite impeccable with over 143 different studios to choose from, this scene is really like no other. A lot of the tattoo shops have also been around for ages, making them so authentic in every way.

-Atlanta, Georgia

The art talent in Georgia especially in Atlanta is off the charts with over 154 shops, stores like All or Nothing reiterate why it’s known as a tattoo haven city. 

– Los Angeles, California 

California in general is a shrine for tattoo shops. Los Angeles is home to over 160 different shops, all of which offering unique services to customers.

– Denver, Colorado 

With 164 different parlors, Denver is in a category of its own. The popular Tribe Tattoo in Denver has also been awarded with some hefty accolades as well. 

– Phoenix, Arizona 

The stoic Arizona is filled with some of the best tattoo shops in the world with 165 different stores to choose from.

– San Diego, California 

California yet again makes it into this list with San Diego offering over 177 different high class parlors in the state. 

– New York, New York 

Last but not least, the Big Apple of the states offering over 277 different shops, it is no wonder it has been depicted as the tattoo capital of America as well.

If you want to get a tattoo in a city that is known for their ink, don’t hesitate to go to any of the cities enlisted above. The art of tattoos will never go out of style with the possibility of designs will forever be endless. Jump to top


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