The Hottest Hair Trends of Fall/Winter 2019

Every year and every season, there are new fashion trends that come out into popularity. Spring and summer are one season and fall and winter is one season. Right now, we are looking at the fall and winter trends of the year 2019. There are some trends that are brand new and some trends that repeat themselves season after season. Some trends will stand out more than other and become more popular over the course of the season.

Blunt Bob
This hair style will always be the center of attention. Some females are too scared to make such a drastic change going from long hair to short hair just to fit in with the trends. Extensions can always be worn when the bob is no longer in style.

Bedazzled Hair Pins
Hair pins and bobby pins are a great way to keep hair out of the face. Bedazzle your look by using hairpins that have rhinestones on them. It may be a hairstyle that was rocked at age six, but the pretty hair pins are back in this season.

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Beach Waves with Straight Ends
No one is ready to give up the beach waves just yet. Do not throw away the Sea Salt Spritz just yet. It worked perfectly for that piece and scrunched up look.

Partly Braided Ponytail
There is an added twist to the ponytail this winter. Add a fishtail braid to the top half of a ponytail. Halfway down the fishtail braid, tie off the ponytail. This style works out best on longer hair. A texturizing spray is perfect to use with this style because it gives it volume and a little grit.

Brushed-Out Curls
It’s time for an extreme throwback from the 70’s. Natural curls can become very full with tons of volume. Just grab a boar bristle brush and start brushing thru the tangles so the hair is full and fluffy.

Body Waves with a Deep Side Part
It’s time to switch things up especially if the middle part is still in the middle. Move it to the side for that deep side part. The side part is a great way to keep volume on the top of the head. It also gives the hair instant depth and dimension.

Extra Long Hair
This winter the trends is super short with the bob, but it is also extra-long. Just add extensions to the hair that are extra-long. The length of the extensions should flow just below the buttocks. This extra long hair can be worn as a scarf this winter season.

Some of the trends this season have repeated themselves from previous years like the blunt bob and the brushed-out curls. The bob has been on the fashion trends list season after season. The brushed-out curls are from the seventies. That trend is a definite throwback. Let’s see what trends really end up standing out this season.

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