The Best Summer 2019 Fashion Trends

This summer you will see some fresh new looks! You will also have some old favorites making a huge comeback to round out the season’s greatest fashion trends. Here are seven favorite styles, complete with just the right amounts of sophistication, class and fun.

A Hint of Sunshine
While bleached hair will stay in the past, you will definitely see sun-kissed hair this summer. The most popular colors will pick up a hint of the hues you associate with a beautiful sunrise. The colors copper, red, golden blonde, and strawberry blonde will be all the rage. These same colors, in brighter tones, will be popular for hair highlights this summer.

A Splash of Style
Embellishments such as fringe, feathers, tassels and bows will be adding a splash of style to your summer wardrobe from top to bottom this summer. Many items you buy will already have one of these fabulous embellishments on it, but you can also add them to your own items to create a personal style. You can use them on earrings or on hair pieces. You can use them as trim on a shirt, skirt, shorts or dress. You can even put them on your sandals.

Bike Shorts
Do you love wearing comfortable leggings? If so, you will love the comeback of the bike shorts. This summer you will see a rise in the waist, making them more comfortable. They will also be longer, giving you the perfect amount of modesty. Pair them with a longer flowing tank top, and you have a perfect summer outfit!

Dress to Impress
Dresses are a top pick this summer for both fashion and comfort. For a fresh look, choose an overall floral pattern. Plunging necklines paired with long, asymmetrical hems are favorites this year. This style can be worn for a casual look or a dressy look, making it a great staple to keep in your wardrobe.

Wild Side
Animal prints are back! While you will begin seeing more of all of the animal prints, this summer’s trend is focusing heavily on snake skin. Snake skin is not only popular on clothing, but also on accessories. You will find it on hats, earrings, sunglasses, hair pieces, belts and sandals.

Hair Without a Care
The classic bob may never go out of style, and this summer will be no exception. Ask your stylist to add some texture for a fun twist on this old favorite. The texture will make it easy to style your hair. Just add a little texture spray and scrunch your hair with your hands. Texture will add more flare to straight hair, and it also works great with wavy and curly hair.

Strappy Sandals
From flip flops to sandals that lace up the ankle, strappy is still in style. You will see some higher heels this summer as well as platforms, but flats will be just as stylish. Wear higher sandals to dress up an outfit, or wear flat sandals to dress it down. Neutral colors are very stylish this season and can really simplify your wardrobe.

This summer, style is all about looking great without a lot of effort. Ease into summer with the right haircut, a few standout pieces of clothing, and some strappy sandals. Throw on a smile and enjoy each and every day, while looking and feeling your best!

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