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Boston’s Top Five Oyster and Seafood Places

Boston’s restaurant scene is diverse and ever-changing, but the mainstay of this famous New England city is seafood. While there may appear to be an overabundance of seafood and oyster joints in Boston, you will find that each one offers something special. From high-end dining to mouth-watering sandwich shops, Boston offers oysters and fresh catches served up in a variety of ways to suit all tastes. 

Alive and Kicking Lobsters

Located in the Cambridge neighborhood, this laid-back, market restaurant serves up its famous lobster sandwiches. Head out to the backyard and have a seat at a picnic table with your unique Boston delight, a pile of juicy, fresh lobster meat on Italian scali bread. The restaurant isn’t as well-decorated as the rest of the neighborhood, but the tasty food certainly makes up for that. Buy some fresh fish after your meal to take home for later. 

The Barking Crab

Another no-frills option is located under a bright red and yellow tent in the Seaport district. Lobster traps strung up like Christmas lights serve as decoration for this seafood shack. Enjoy a Bloody Mary shrimp cocktail or slurp down Boston’s best oysters while enjoying waterfront views. Butter-dipped sea critters and all the usual seafood delights await you here. 

Legal Harborside

If you are looking for someplace that’s a little more refined, head to dinner at Legal Harborside. Located in Seaport, this three-story restaurant offers fantastic harbor views and the best baked stuffed lobster. The first floor offers everything you’d expect at a traditional seafood place, the second floor is a bit fancier, offering carefully curated dishes. For cocktails and a view, head up to the third-floor roof deck. 

Island Creek Oyster Bar

You won’t find a better place for cocktails than Island Creek Oyster Bar. From the “Whiskey Disco” to “Carrot Magic,” you will find yourself wanting to try all of the interestingly-named cocktails available here. Aside from inventive drinks, Island Creek offers culinary delights from the land and sea. They are most well-known for their Duxbury oysters on the raw bar.


This upmarket seafood restaurant gets its inspiration from the Mediterranean. Come here if you fancy a dining experience marked by pristine, white linens and delicious paella. From fine wines to delicate caviar, Ostra exudes elegance. Enjoy the gentle piano music in the background as you choose your evening meal; the roasted monkfish here is delightful. From the posh atmosphere to the exotic food, you may start to feel like you are on vacation in the Mediterranean.

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