Houston, TX

Best Skate Shops in Houston

Houston boosts a burgeoning community of skating enthusiasts and skateboarders, and it is a splendid city to immerse yourself in a spectacular skating experience. 

There are countless skating parks to beat the heat and skate indoors, and you can join up so many amazing skating communities. The city is lined up with countless innovative skate shops that sell high-end skating brands and equipment.

Here, take a look at the best skate shops in Houston:

1. Select Skate Shop

For those who are addicted to funky graphics and colourful boards, Select Skate Shop provides an incredibly amazing shopping experience. It is hands down one of the best skate shops in Houston that offers an exhilarating variety of funky colourful skateboards, trendy brand names, and a wide range of essential accessories and safety gear. Select Skate Shop has everything you need to rock a funky skateboarder lifestyle, with trendy indie street wear, and a wide collection of high-performance footwear. It is your ultimate skate shop to pick out amazing graphic skate tees!

2. Embassy Skateboards

Embassy Skateboards, one of the most popular and best skate shops in Houston, is the brainchild of John “TEX” Gibson, a skateboarding legend, and the very first pro skateboarder in the history of Texas. This is truly the ultimate skate shop that can provide you both, professional advice and a wide selection of fine quality skate products. You can browse through their splendid collection of intensely colourful and funky boards, decks, amazing skateboarding posters and quirky accessories. And they also offer a wide variety of indie street gear, graphic tees and comfy apparel choices to suit the lifestyles of passionate skaters.

3. Southside Skateshop

Southside Skateshop provides skating enthusiasts a wide selection of contemporary skating brands, fine quality skateboards, essential accessories and protective safety gear to minimize all kinds of injuries. This is one of the best skate shops in Houston for fine quality skate hear, quirky streetwear apparel, mind-blowing accessories and a tremendous selection of high-performance footwear. You’ll fall in love with their trendy collection of graphic tees. The best part, this amazing skate shop also has a delightful on-site skate park!

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