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Best Hiking Trails In Colorado

Colorado is home to some of the country’s most colorful and scenic landscapes. From Rocky Mountain National Park to Great Sand Dunes National Park, there are endless opportunities for visitors to see these natural wonders. A majority of travelers prefer to see the beauty of Colorado by hiking through the state’s diverse and expansive trail system. Colorful Colorado has thousands of miles of trails that are well-preserved and offer some of the most stunning views in the state. Here are five of the best hiking trails in Colorado. Visitors should always remember to be safe and travel with a partner. 

1. Maroon Bells Creek Trail 

The Maroon Bells are two famous mountains located near the town of Aspen, Colorado. These two peaks are perhaps the most photographed mountains in the area. Although there are several trails within this area, the Maroon Creek Trail is the best option. This is a hike of medium difficulty that tends to get busy during the high season. The hiking trail takes visitors along the beautiful creek with views of the mountain range on either side of the trail. The Maroon Trail is 3.2 miles in length each way. 

2. Hanging Lake Trail 

This hiking trail is only located 10 miles from the famous Glenwood Springs. The Hanging Lake trail is popular amongst visitors the popular hot springs that rest near Interstate 70. In total, the trail is only 2.5 miles round trip. The difficult terrain makes up for its short distance. Hikers will have to climb up steep rocks and will be on the trail for at least four hours. It is important to start this hike before noon in order to finish before sunset. Although the Hanging Lake Trail is a good day hike, it shouldn’t be rushed. 

3. Longs Peak Trail 

There are many mountains known as “fourteeners” in Colorado. This term simply refers to a mountain that rises 14,000 feet or more above sea level. Longs Peak is the most well-known of these mountains and is the perfect one to hike. The trail is challenging and may be one of the hardest hikes on this list. However, Longs Peak Trail is still very doable for those who are physically fit and comfortable with longer hikes. This hike is located in the Northern Front Range. 

4. Conundrum Hot Springs Trail 

This trail is a moderate level of difficulty despite being 17 miles in total. The terrain is relatively flat throughout making this a great trail for those needing a breather. The Conundrum Hot Springs Trail ends at a series of naturally-occurring pools by the same name. These hot springs offer the perfect halfway-point for relaxing before heading out on the return trip. Park officials are talking about closing this particular trail because of the impact hikers are having on the environment. 

5. Mount Elbert 

Mount Elbert is the highest peak in Colorado and one of the highest in the contiguous United States. While this mountain makes the list of “fourteeners”, it is much easier to climb than the others in Colorado. Hikers often climb Mount Elbert for the bragging rights that come with topping such a colossal mountain. In reality, many hikers are surprised by the ease of this hike. It isn’t uncommon to see hikers of all ages hiking this mountain. The incline is gradual, but the trail is long. The Mount Elbert trail would fall into the moderate/difficult range of hikes. 

These five trails represent a great selection of the stunning hikes that Colorado has to offer. It is important to take safety precautions even on the trails that may appear easy.

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