Austin Boutique Hotel Alternatives to Airbnb

In today’s world where travelers want a unique and personalized experience of the area they are visiting, boutique hotels are a great alternative to Airbnb. Boutique hotels tend to be small with lots and lots of personality. They offer many of the same amenities of a traditional hotel, but with the added quirkiness and uniqueness that draws people to airbnb. Boutique hotels are the antithesis of stuffy, and are a perfect setting to enjoy a whacky and “weird” city like ATX, the “live music capital of the world” and “hippie haven”. Below is a list of 7 boutique style hotels worth checking out. The list is in alphabetical order, not in order of importance, because each unique hotel has something different to offer.

Heywood Hotel
The Heywood Hotel is incredibly affordable given it’s unbeatable location and awesome amenities. Some of the unique features you’ll find here are lofted ceilings, funky art, and an internet jukebox, just to name a few. The hotel is “weird” just like the city, and it’s cool and inviting. Stay here and you’ll be in walking distance to Rainey street bars, sixth street, Lady Bird lake, and the Convention Center.

Kimber Modern
The Kimber Modern, located in downtown SoCo district, is the perfect place to stay if you’re looking for a place to unwind and relax after a busy day of soaking in the sights and experiences that this city has to offer. The hotel has a very modern and sleek appearance, and all of the rooms are filled with natural light.

Lonestar Court
The Lonestar Court, situated within The Domain, is sure to attract hipsters from all areas. This hotel features lots of outdoor hangout spots with a beautiful courtyard and swimming pool, grassy areas for lounging, fire pits to roast marshmallows and chat with loved ones, outdoor dining tables, and even a food truck solely for guests of the hotel. This hotel has an upbeat, social, and vintage vibe. Not to mention, there’s also live music and daily continental breakfast available.

Saint Celia
Hotel Saint Celia is small, like an edgy bed and breakfast, with only 14 rooms. The hotel elegantly mixes antique and modern elements together. With only 14 rooms, Hotel Saint Celia is the perfect little oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of the South Congress district.

San Jose
Hotel San Jose is another boutique style hotel situated in South Congress Austin. The easygoing and welcoming feeling within this hotel will make anyone feel at home. The Hotel San Jose manages to feel elegant and sophisticated, while being simultaneously laid back and important to note, also affordable. Traveling musicians also can receive a discount on their stay. This hotel is modern and funky, with great amenities, including a coffee bar, pool, and room service breakfast.

South Congress Hotel
The South Congress Hotel, like the Kimber Modern is also situated in “SoCo” and has rooms that overlook south congress avenue, and the very historical travis heights. The locations simply can’t be beat. This hotel beautifully highlights the city; it has a modern aesthetic and unique features such as beautiful balconies, bookshelves filled with travel and design books, a bar, “greenscape”, and much more.

Van Zandt
If you’re looking for Austin hotels near rainey street, the Hotel Van Zandt may be the perfect fit. It’s in the rainey street district so you’re in close proximity to the lively rainey street bars. In addition, when you come back “home” after a day of exploring, the experience doesn’t stop; there are live musicians that perform in the hotel, art installations throughout the hotel, and a delectable menu of beers and food, which is something you won’t be able to find in any austin airbnb.

Whether looking for a quiet and relaxing oasis, or a funky and vibrant place to call home during your stay in Austin, Texas, there’e something for everyone at these boutique hotels. The locations are unbeatable, the amenities are luxurious, and the atmospheres are unique. Austin airbnb isn’t going anywhere, so give one of these boutique hotels a try, and you’ll be granted an experience you’ll never forget, and provided with a beautiful reflection of the Austin culture.

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