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Where To Find The Best US Mezcal Bars

Mezcal, so hot right now! If you haven’t jumped on the mezcal bandwagon yet, you need to seriously re-think your next dining out adventure. Here are some of the best spots for mezcal in the US. Enjoy!


San Francisco

  1. Azucar Lounge


299 9th St.

415 255 2982


If you are looking to have some fun, especially on a Sunday, at Azucar Lounge there is all-you-can-drink sangria for $15. Believe us when we tell you you won’t be in it alone. Join the party! Also, you’ve got to get your hands on either the Carnitas tacos or the Fish tacos, and while you’re at it throw a churro in there too.


  1. Padrecito


901 Cole St.

415 742 5505


The rustic and friendly atmosphere provides a nice change of scenery and a little evening socializing. Padrecito loves to support their local farms and ranches, where they get their meats and ingredients from. You’ll enjoy exploring the cocktail menu with its fun illustrations and you’ll learn what goes into each drink. The Dia De Los Muertos is a great choice. There is also a massive tequila list you will have to take some shots from too.



San Diego


  1. Cantina Mayahuel


2934 Adams Ave

619 283 6292


Because of the nondescript location, you will feel like you’ve found yourself in a little secret wonder of San Diego. Cantina Mayahuel has a collection of over 200 tequilas and 100 mezcals, featuring their own brand, Don Lorenzo Reposado Reserva. The chips & salsa is a great way to start the night as you make your way through some drinks. You’ll keep munching as the night goes on, which is when you should try the Mahi Mahi or Sirloin tacos.




  1. 400 Rabbits


5701 W Slaughter Lane

512 861 7069


Where did the name 400 Rabbits come from? Well, the Aztecs worshipped a goddess of alcohol and a god that discovered fermentation. They made love and created offspring known as the 400 Rabbit gods, who lived a fun life of parties, alcohol, and mischief. Some people call this place “Tequila Heaven.” You can hang out, drink, eat good food, and watch a movie!



  1. King Bee Lounge


1906 E 12th St.

512 600 6956


You’ll love the lively atmosphere at King Bee Lounge. The music, porch, cozy seating, and welcoming vibe is really fun to be a part of and you’ll probably never want to leave. The classic cocktails and pizza will have your head spinning. The Gin and Jam, Frozen Moscow Mules, and Chi Chi Rodriguez are totally worth a try.





  1. Mezcaleria Las Flores


3149 West Logan Blvd

773 278 2215


This is one menu that will blow your socks off. It is extensive and filled with goodness to say the least. It is all about the spirits at Mezcaleria Las Flores. You will have so many choices of Mezcal, other Agave, Tequila, and Whiskey that you won’t know what hit you.



  1. Masa Azul


2901 West Diversey Ave

773 687 0300


Masa Azul will give you an unforgettable tequila experience. It’s a joint on the smaller side with 50 seats, serving around 90 different tequilas. Don’t be afraid to try some of the food there either. The tacos and ceviche are amazing!



New York City


  1. Casa Mezcal


86 Orchard St.

212 777 2600


Take a trip to Oaxaca for the evening and visit this three-story tequila joint. It’s a party every night. The top floor is the place to hang out as there is an art gallery and music venue/subterranean cinema. The menu features small bites like chicken tamal, queso fundido, and chips & salsa, salads, soups, salads, as well as a list of specialities. So feel free to sip on some amazing drinks while eating your life away at Casa Mezcal.


  1. Agave


140 7th Ave S

212 989 2100


Head on over the West Village to Agave with some friends, family, for a party, or just the “happy to be alive” kind of day celebration! You’ll have a large drink selection of wines, draft beers, and tasty cocktails. Some of the highlights include the Tejas Blue Crab Quesadillas, “Hand Hacked” Guac, Fire Grilled Shrimp Tacos, and Fajitas of Wagyu Kobe Beef Skirt Steak. If your mouth isn’t watering after reading off that little list, then check your pulse.


  1. Anejo


668 10th Ave

212 920 4770


Otherwise known as Hell’s Kitchen, Anejo makes for a fun happy hour adventure. The Anejo margarita is a given and maybe try the Paloma house cocktail too. They offer single glasses, flights, and carafes. You name it and it’s yours. Please don’t leave without trying a few tapas off the menu like the Guacamole Trio, Ahi Tuna Ceviche, and Blistered Shishito Peppers. All of their tacos are extremely worthy as well. You will not be disappointed in the least.

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