7 Top Fashion Trends for Fall 2019

The latest runway trends are making their way from the catwalk to the streets. From bright colors and asymmetrical necklines to tiny bags and statement hats, these new styles and fashion predictions are making themselves known everywhere you look.

Whether you are looking for inspiration or you simply want to refresh your wardrobe with the latest fashion trends for fall, stay ahead of the curve with these top trends straight from the runway.

1. Teeny Tiny Bags

Designers cannot resist this micro-bag trend that has everyone talking. Think small, structured bags this season that are truly designed just for looks. Functionality doesn’t define this trend; it’s the high-end design, colors and textures that are giving these teeny tiny bags a viral and highly Instagrammable moment.

2. Neon Turtlenecks

Neon turtlenecks are making a major statement this fall. Turtlenecks are an essential staple for those chilly days and this year, we’re layering them under dark colors to make a standout statement.

3. Make Way for Capes

When it comes to coat trends this fall, capes are topping the list. They provide ultimate warmth while being a versatile dream for layering. Pull on a blanket cape for a weekend outing with a simple pair of skinny jeans and a slouchy hat. Go for a below the knee calpe for a dramatic approach or keep things neat and tailored with a smooth blazer style cape that’s perfect for any time of the day.

4. Prep School Ready

Uniform inspirations are taking over the fall runways. From polo shirts, sweater vests and three-piece sets, designers are taking notes and running with it. Checks and plaids will be spotted everywhere this fall with classic patterns revamped into a more modern millennial look. For this trend, think plaid boots, cropped trousers and plaid berets.

5. Statement Hats

These fall hat trends are really giving us a new style to embrace. Bucket hats, fedoras, visors and beanies are all among the top trend in headwear this season. Hats are now known for more than just sun protection and general coverage. This season, look for statement-making hats from funky prints and colors to furry bucket hats and veils. Luckily, these hats can be worn in more than one way providing an easy-to-style functional fashionable accessory.

6. Slip Into Satin

Get out your steamer, because satin is back! What was once known for evening wear or formal events, satin is trending for just your average day in the office. Satin is a combination of sleek and sweet and a must-have fabric for fall. Whether you wear a satin lace tank with high-waisted jeans for a more casual look or go all out with a satin shirt dress, this is a polished textile that’s trending for fall.

7. Asymmetrical Necklines

On the fence about those off-the-shoulder silhouettes? This asymmetrical neckline might just be the perfect compromise. This look is effortless and easy to put together. The asymmetrical neckline can be worn in more than one way and creates a sort of unbalanced hem that is becoming so widely embraced by nearly everyone of all shapes and sizes.

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