7 Most Bike Friendly Cities in the US

It has never been a better time to be a cyclist. More cities all the time are becoming bike-friendly, making it easier than ever to commute to work by bicycle or enjoy recreational bike riding. If you are thinking about moving somewhere more bicycle-friendly or simply traveling to a destination where you can enjoy seeing the sights from the seat of your bike, check out this list of the top bike-friendly cities in the US.

1. Portland

Portland has proclaimed itself “Bike City, USA,” and it is hard to argue with them after you visit. The city is an amazing place to get around on your bike. The city provides public bike rentals, offering more than 1,000 bikes for riders to share. Portland has a huge network of bike trails that total more than 300 miles in length. They also provide free bike maps to tourists to encourage them to explore the city with bike share program.

2. Minneapolis


Although biking is harder during the cold winter months, the rest of the year Minneapolis is a bike riders’ paradise. The city goes the extra mile to make sure that their citizens can enjoy their extensive bike trails all year, clearing them of snow and ice daily during the winter months so that its hardy residents can enjoy riding their bikes around the city. Minneapolis was the first city to appear on the prestigious Copenhagenize Index of the top cycling cites in the world, and it is still the only American city to be in the top 20 in the list.

3. Philadelphia

You will not find a major city in America that has a downtown that is friendlier for cyclists than the City of Brotherly Love. Philly has more than 400 miles of bike trails already, and they have plans to soon push that total up over 700 miles.

4. New York City

Although the city traffic can be dangerous, it is hard to beat New York City’s amazing park system for being cycling friendly. The park system even closes off the parks to vehicle traffic at certain times of day and on the weekends to make them more enjoyable for bike riders. There has been a huge increase in bike lanes throughout the city’s five boroughs under Mayor Bloomberg. You can use bike lanes to travel throughout NYC. In fact, smart commuters in the city know that they can usually get to their destinations more quickly by taking their bikes than riding the subway.

5. San Francisco

Though it is not a city for the cyclist who is weak of heart with its legendary hills, San Francisco is a beautiful city for riding your bike. It is also very bike-friendly, offering more than 200 miles of bike trails for riders to enjoy. The city finished second in “Bicycling” magazine’s rankings of the top bike-friendly cities in the US.

6. Boulder

It is hard to beat Boulder as a cycling paradise. The city has more than 300 days of sunshine per year as well as an extensive system of bike trails. They also have one of the best bike share programs in the country. In addition, the city is surrounded by beautiful Rocky Mountain scenery that is home to some of the best mountain bike trails in the world.

7. Austin

The weather in Austin makes it a great place to ride bikes all year, although it does get hot during the summer. The city encourages cyclists with its extensive network of bike trails. There are also bike racks available all over the city. Austin has a Bicycle Master Plan to continue to make the city even better for bike riders.

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