7 Fashion Trends Rocking The Festival Scene in 2019

The fashion scene at festivals this year is bolder and brighter than ever before. People are already putting their best foot forward in taking 2019 by storm. Just recently at that one of the first festivals of the year called the Holy Ship! Festival, attendees rocked out fluorescent colors, large sequins, beds, and major shimmer. Having said this, the following are seven fashion trends taking over the 2019 festival scene: 

1. Space Buns

This hairstyle is carrying over from 2018. Festival-goers are spicing this all-time favorite with center parts, colorful hair pieces, glitter, stickers, and scrunchies. 

2. Wigging Out

Attendees are wearing brightly colored wigs from just about every color of the rainbow. 

3. Neon

Wearing neon is another way people are standing out in the crowd. Neon colors are mixed in with lace and mesh, for instance, for a more trendy look. 

3. Rain-Macs


These days the weather is more unpredictable at times. And places like England seem to always have rain. Rain-macs come in different styles, including perspex materials, neon colors, simple styles, and more. 

4. Bum-bags

These bags will always be number one at festivals due to being easy-to-carry, the capability to carry all necessities, and ability to blend in great designs. 

5. Body-con dresses

With these dresses, you can use detail to stand out at festivities. You can use cut-out details, shimmer, glitter, or neon, for instance. 

6. Animal print

There are a plethora of ways animal prints can be added to festival outfits. You can use snake print or zebra print with a denim jacket. You can wear an outfit with a western belt and boots. You also can wear leopard print t-shirt dresses and more. 

7. Platforms

This is a back-in-a-day trend that is coming back again. Busting out in the 1960s, any short girl can easily stand out and look sexy and sassy. 

The fashion scene at festivals this year is bolder and brighter than ever before. This fact is shown as the Holy Ship! Festival’s attendees rocked out with fluorescent colors, large sequins, beads, and major shimmer. From neon to platform, people are taking festival by storm this year. So, don’t be left out as you go to major festival, such as the Lollapalooza.

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