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50 Best Burgers Across the Country

Burgers are quite arguably one of the best food creations to ever come out of America. And while there are no shortage of amazing burgers across the country, these best American burgers really do hit the spot! It’s hard to choose, but you can have your own fun tasting burgers around America to find your favorite. Here are 50 of ours.

  1. Tommy’s Burger Stop – Anchorage, Alaska

Cajun seasoning is added to the patties just prior to cooking, giving these burgers the perfect zing with every bite.

1106 W. 29th Pl., Anchorage,

  1. Diablo Burger – Flagstaff and Tucson, Arizona

The buns are branded with a charred “DB” and from there, it gets even better. Diablo Burger uses 100% local meats that are free of hormones and antibiotics. The cows are range-raised on the Diablo Trust ranches so you’re getting pure unadulterated beef in its most sublime form.

Multiple Locations in Flagstaff and Tucson,

  1. The Grill at Torrey Pines – La Jolla, California

Get a prime cut burger with a prime view of golf course. Burgers here are cooked on the griddle for an old-fashioned feel. Ground chuck comes from Niman Ranch, giving the meat a high-caliber quality you can taste in every bite.

11480 N Torrey Pines Rd, La Jolla,

  1. Louis’ Lunch – New Haven, Connecticut

image @louis’lunch

Because it was the first restaurant to ever serve hamburgers in America, it is a MUST for a burger stop. It’s as classic as it gets for the burger that started America’s love affair with burgers.

261-263 Crown St., New Haven, 

  1. The Charcoal Pit – North Wilmington and Prices Corner, Delaware

image @thecharcoalpit

With 2 Delaware locations, the burgers here are totally retro diner-style. They’re so good that even Obama got his burger on here when he was in office.

Locations in North Wilmington and Prices Corner,

  1. Hodad’s Ocean Beach – San Diego, California

They claim to be “the best burgers in the world.” And with one bite of a burger from this historic place that’s been making patties since 1944, the wait on the out-the-door lines at any of their multiple locations is well worth it.

Multiple San Diego locations,

  1. Hog & Hominy – Memphis, Tennessee

It looks like any old burger, but the key to the flavor sensation in the burgers served here is that the patties are smashed and grilled. Toppings have a unique flair too, for example, the shredded lettuce gets a gentle bath in pickle juice and a sprinkling of salt for a special and incredible flavor.

707 W Brookhaven Cir., Memphis,

  1. The Company Burger – New Orleans, Louisiana

Patties here are loosely packed, making them some of the juiciest you’ll ever sink your teeth into. They also make pickles on premises which adds a beautiful finishing touch.

4600 Freret St., New Orleans,

  1. B-Spot Burgers – Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio (multiple locations)

This place is famed for meat-on-meat burgers. What started in Cleveland has quickly boomed into a burger sensation that is spreading across the nation. With that kind of growth, they’re definitely doing something right.

Various locations in Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio, plus locations in Indiana and Michigan

  1. Minetta Tavern – New York, New York

These outstanding burgers are fashioned from a spectacular blend of beef including skirt steak, dry-aged rib eye, short ribs, and brisket. You can taste the quality in every savory, beefy bite.

113 MacDougal St., New York,

  1. Holeman & Finch – Atlanta, Georgia

It’s one of the best kept burger secrets in America. Upon opening every evening at 5pm, only 24 burgers, which you won’t find on the menu, are created. Once they’re out, they’re out. They’ve quickly gathered a following so if you want to try, get there early!

2277 Peachtree Rd NW, Atlanta,

  1. Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink – Miami, Florida

In the famed Design District, you’ll find this bistro with a delightful daily raw bar and other enticing options, but the burger here shouldn’t be missed. Go all out and add the house-smoked bacon to your burger. You won’t be sorry!

Miami Design District, 130 NE 40th St., Miami,

  1. Matt’s Bar – Minneapolis, Minnesota

While Minnesota is known for the Juicy Lucy, Matt’s Bar has one of the best. Here, it’s spelled “Jucy Lucy” though and you won’t miss that “i” when you’re delighting in the cheese oozing from within.

3500 Cedar Ave., South Minneapolis,

  1. The Pub on Passyunk East – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

It’s a place revered for good daytime drinking fun that also happens to have amazing drool-worthy burgers. Unusual toppings like fried tomatoes make the experience even more life-altering.

1501 Passyunk Ave., Philadelphia,

  1. Tattooed Moose – Charleston, South Carolina

Juicy burgers sandwiched onto fresh locally-crafted buns are a joy at this famed dive bar. A casual place to grab a burger you’ll never forget with special sauces and pickled green tomatoes in both sweet and spicy varieties.

Two Charleston locations,

  1. Great State Burger – Seattle, Washington

Thin, griddled and delicious, this place keeps burgers simple. But it’s this simplicity that works so well for it, making it one of the best burger places in the Pacific Northwest.

Multiple Seattle locations,

  1. Bang Bang Burgers – Charlotte, North Carolina

Black Angus whole muscle cuts of short rib & chuck are what make these burgers the star of Charlotte. They are nothing short of amazing.

2001 E. 7th Street, Suite D, Charlotte,

  1. Miller’s Bar – Dearborn, Michigan

This unsuspecting place is a bit on the dive side but don’t let that stop you from entering the “Home of the World Famous Ground Round.” Searing is perfect and cheese is a must!

23700 Michigan Ave, Dearborn,

  1. Remedy – Dallas, Texas

image @remedydallas

Ever wish the Big Mac could be more high quality? Your wish has been granted here. You’ll never go back to McDonald’s after you have one of these burgers!

2010 Greenville Ave., Dallas,

  1. Primehouse – Chicago, Illinois

In a place known for impeccable meats, you don’t need to order a steak. Get your hands dirty with a juicy burger here and you will know what true bliss is.

616 N Rush St., Chicago,

  1. C-J’s Butcher Boy Burgers – Russellville, Arkansas

image @C-Jsbutcherboyburgers

In the heart of beef country, this place grinds their own beef in-house each and every day. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a fresher, juicier burger anywhere!

2803 N Arkansas Ave, Russellville, CJ’s Butcher Boy Burgers

  1. Cherry Cricket – Denver, Colorado

Let these guys make the perfect patty for you. Then you call the shots on what you want on top. There are a ton of topping options though so be prepared to oooh and ahhh before you decide.

2651 E. Second Ave., Denver,

  1. W & M Bar-B-Q Burger – Honolulu, Hawaii

When vacationing in Hawaii, beachside days call for a big beefy burger. By and large, the most popular place on the main island, you won’t miss burgers on the mainland with this place.

3104 Waialae Ave., Honolulu, W & M bar-B-Q Burgers

  1. Au Cheval – Chicago, Illinois

image @AuCheval

This classic diner has a rustic appeal and juicy burgers that you can top with sizzling bacon or a fried egg as options for adding more heaven to your plate.

800 W. Randolph St., Chicago,

  1. The Cider House – Fairfield, Iowa

What’s better than locally-raised beef? How about seasoning it with a dry farmhouse cider? Yeah, that will do it. The burgers here will blow your mind!

102 N. Second St., Fairfield,

  1. Proof On Main – Louisville, Kentucky

Try something a little different. You can get beef burgers here that are sheer perfection, but don’t skip the bison burger. It’s a whole new level of awesomeness!

702 W. Main St., Louisville,

  1. Harmon’s Lunch – Falmouth, Maine

Maine draws a lot of attention for lobsters and lobster rolls, but if you’re in the area and need a burger, this place has been an institution since 1960. They’re simple, yet heavenly, proving that if you get the flavor right, a good burger needs nothing more.

144 Gray Rd, Falmouth, Harmon’s Lunch

  1. The Abbey Burger Bistro – Baltimore and Ocean City, Maryland

If you believe with all your heart that the messier the burger, the better, then do not miss out on the farm-raised burger monstrosities you’ll find here. You won’t want to stop licking your fingers!

Locations in Baltimore and Ocean City,

  1. Phillips Grocery – Holly Springs and Oxford, Mississippi

image @phillipsgrocery

It started life as a saloon and then morphed into a grocery store now known for dishing up some of the best burgers on this side of the Ol’ Miss. Bonus: jalapeño corn nuggets are to die for.

Locations in Holly Springs and Oxford, Phillip’s Grocery

  1. Slippery Otter Pub – West Yellowstone, Montana

In a state known for its ranches, you’ve got to stop for a burger. But make it a stop here and you’ll be tempted by more than beef. The elk burger is a must-taste.

139 N. Canyon St., West Yellowstone, Slippery Otter Pub

  1. Stella’s Bar & Grill – Bellevue, Nebraska

Burgers here are so enormous you might want to take half home or share with a dining companion. They tower over your plate in the most deliciously imposing way!

106 Galvin Rd. S., Bellevue,

  1. Wild Willy’s Burgers – Rochester, New Hampshire

image @bfitbyj

Burgers might not be the first thing you think of when you get to New Hampshire, but by golly, if you don’t try out one of Wild Willy’s locations for a burger, your trip was in vain.

Multiple locations in Rochester,

  1. Arthur’s Tavern – Morris Plains, New Jersey

image @Arthur’sTavern

Jersey natives will tell you that this legendary joint has a burger that could easily pass for breakfast. With corned beef hash on top (which is homemade by the way), bacon and a fried egg, it’s just one of many robust options that you can start the day with or have at any time.

700 Speedwell Ave., Morris Plains,

  1. Sparky’s – Hatch, New Mexico

image @sparky’s

Forget Roswell. Hatch is where you’ll discover the only thing that matters in New Mexico – the green chile cheeseburger. Burger fanatics have made this a world-famous taste that you’ve got to get your hands on.

115 Franklin St., Hatch,

  1. Sickies Garage Burgers & Brews – Fargo, North Dakota

Among the plentiful menu of 50 burgers, you’ll find a glazed donut burger and an eggs Benedict burger. Why yes, it IS burger heaven!

3431 Fiechtner Dr. S., Fargo

  1. Tucker’s Onion Burgers – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

During the times of the Great Depression, beef was expensive. The way to make it last was to combine it with onions to stretch the budget. This local tradition has lingered long after, but the good news is now you won’t be minced on meat. It’s a local favorite you need to taste to believe.

Multiple locations in Oklahoma City,

  1. Harry’s Bar And Burger – Providence, Rhode Island

Locals love this place for sliders and libations. Classic concoctions and chili cheese smothered delights are just some of the many reasons to stop here.

Two locations in Providence,

  1. Ray’s Hell Burger – Washington, DC

It’s home of the Hell Burger, built up the way you want it. DC locals love that it’s too hot to handle, and you will too. Bonus: strawberry shakes make the ideal companion.

Two locations in DC area,

  1. R.F. O’Sullivan & Son – Somerville, Massachusetts

image @R.F.O’Sullivan &Son

Yes, you’ll find one of the best burgers in Boston at an Irish pub. Voted #1 in Boston, it’s the kind of burger dreams are made of!

Two Boston-area locations,

  1. Nite Owl Ice Cream Parlour – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

image @NiteOwlIceCreamParlour

The patties here are thin and wide, the perfect vessel to hold at that primo Wisconsin cheese. And while cheese is certainly Wisconsin’s best asset, this burger makes for the ideal partner in crime.

830 E. Layton Ave., Milwaukee, Nite Owl Ice Cream Parlour

  1. Black Hills Burger & Bun Co. – Custer, South Dakota

Come for Mount Rushmore, stay for a burger at Black Hills Burger & Bun Co. They have unusual weekly burger offerings that will make it hard to choose from the classic offerings to the specials!

441 Mt. Rushmore Rd., Custer,

  1. Lucky 13 – Salt Lake City, Utah

image @Lucky13

Rated the best burger place in Utah, you can’t go wrong with any burger. Unless you eat the Breath Enhancer before a big job interview. And even then, it will be worth it to bask in the glow of garlic breath all day.

135 1300 S. at Jefferson St., Salt Lake City,

  1. Worthy Burger – South Royalton, Vermont

A worthy stop on your must-eat-burger-tour of America is Worthy Burger. Grass-fed beef gets done up right with all your favorite toppings for a truly worthy experience!

56 Rainbow St, South Royalton,

  1. Avenue Eats – Wheeling, West Virginia

This state might have a backwoods reputation, but prepare to be dazzled with the burgers here. With upscale variations that include toppings like brie or grilled pear, you’ll see West Virginia in a whole new light.

1201 Valley-View Ave., Wheeling,

  1. The Bird – Jackson, Wyoming

image @thebird

Delicious burgers with off-the-wall names? Sign us up! Fresh ground in-house brisket makes these burgers insanely good.

4125 US-89, Jackson,

  1. Garaje – San Francisco, California

image @Garaje

Burger on a budget? Finally, there’s something you can get in California for under $10. That would be the cheeseburger. With grilled onions, it’s a juicy, oniony delight!

475 3rd Street, San Francisco,

  1. Vicki’s Lunch Van – Montgomery, Alabama

image @Vicki’sLunchVan

Once a van, it’s now a lunch stand. That’s the only thing that’s changed here. It has some of the best burgers in the state. Simple, delicious and totally on-point.

2520 Fairground Rd., Montgomery, Vicki’s Lunch Van

  1. The Savage Grill – Salmon, Idaho

image @thesavagegrill

We always think of Idaho as the place to go for potatoes. Now you can go to The Savage Grill and get Idaho-fabulous tater tots alongside their famed Savage Burger for a winning combination.

907 Mulkey St., Salmon, The Savage Grill

  1. The Workingman’s Friend – Indianapolis, Indiana

image @theworkingmansfriend

The giant onion rings here are an ideal topping for the burgers. And that double cheeseburger? Woo wee! Just try and eat it all…we dare you!

234 N. Belmont Ave., Indianapolis, The Workingman’s Friend

  1. Johnny’s Tavern – Multiple Locations Throughout Kansas

Since 1953, Johnny’s Tavern has been serving up tradition. One of the best ways to enjoy burgers here with barbecue sauce, something that Kansas definitely knows a thing or two about!

Many locations throughout Kansas,

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