5 of the Best Live Music Venues in the US

Music has had a rich history in the United States. From blues, to rock and roll, to rap, there have been a plethora of people touched by the music produced in America. As artists have continued to appear and perform throughout America, several venues have developed great reputations among musicians and audiences alike. Many music venues have even become historical landmarks as a result of their involvement in the history of America. These five venues are among some of the best live music venues in the United States.

First Ave (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
First Ave has a lot of history in music. Prince filmed the majority of the video for his famous single Purple Rain at First Ave. First Ave has been the hometown venue of choice for a number of Twin City artists. The Replacements and Lizzo are among a few of the artists that have made First Ave their home. The name of each artist that has contributed to the history of First Ave is painted on a separate silver star in the venue.

Hollywood Bowl (Los Angeles, California)
Hollywood Bowl as suggested by its name is shaped like a giant shell. It is one of the most famous, if not the most famous, band shells in the United States. The Beatles, Black Sabbath, Elton John, and Louis Armstrong have all performed for a number of crowds at Hollywood Bowl. Hollywood Bowl has become a staple part in American history since its opening in 1922. Kanye West debuted his famous album 808s & Heartbreak here and Tom Petty performed his last show with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers here before passing in 2017.

Red Rocks (Morrison, Colorado)
Red Rocks is an outdoor venue that supports its name by being located between two red sandstone boulders close to Denver, Colorado. Many historical figures in music such as the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Dave Matthews Band, and U2 have performed at Red Rocks. U2 not only gathered footage for the Under a Blood Red Sky film but recall nearly missing their concert due to an expected thunderstorm. U2 was able to continue their concert after the thunderstorm had ended prior to their set but Red Rocks grew to become a part of U2’s long history of music.

Ryman Auditorium (Nashville, Tennessee)
Ryman Auditorium is a venue with a lot of history and several claims to fame. Ryman Auditorium is the former home to the famous Grand Ole Opry and a plethora of Sunday-morning church services. Johnny Cash hosted a TV show at Ryman while Emmylou Harris recorded her album Live at the Ryman at the venue. Ryman Auditorium now dons the name of “Mother Church of Country Music” and is home to the Grand Ole Opry during the winter months.

Radio City Music Hall (New York City, New York)
Radio City Music Hall is a staple venue in the history of New York City. The venue that is also known as the “Showplace of the Nation” is also home to the Rockettes. John D. Rockefeller Jr. constructed the hall and opened its doors to the public on December 27, 1932 during the Great Depression. Since its development and construction Radio City Music Hall has seen the creation of over 700 different films and has become one of the largest indoor theaters in the world.

Live music venues exist all throughout the United States but many have become important parts of the history of America. The five venues on this list have experienced performances from artists from around the world. There are many more live music venues that did not make it onto the list but each one holds a very important piece in history.

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