10 Reasons to Visit Seattle this Summer

Summer in Seattle is loads of fun with so many things to see and do in sunny weather!  Are you planning a trip to Seattle this summer? Go! There is nothing like Seattle in the summer. You will have so much fun exploring the city and enjoying the sunny weather. Read on so we can convince you with these top 10 reasons to visit Seattle this summer.


1. The Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room

Start off your trip by going to the Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room for a unique coffee experience that will get you hyped for the rest of your visit. You’ve got to try the Nitro Cold Brew on tap!

2. Pike Place Market

A MUST! Pike Place Market is huge and you will definitely be overwhelmed by everything there. Get ready to see vendors throwing fishing around. It’s a fun and wild time. There are so many gems in the famous market, just be sure to take your time and explore the bottom floor as well!

3. Go up to the Space Needle Observation Deck

Come on you have to go to Seattle’s iconic Space Needle! See the city in a different perspective and take in some nice views. The sunset from the observation deck is a moment you won’t forget.

4. Go Hiking

Whether you are a hiking noob or a super skilled adventurer, there is a hike close to Seattle for you! Some of the easier and friendly hikes are Snoqualmie Falls and Rattlesnake Trail, while the some more difficult hikes are Lake 22 (stunning!), Sahale Arm, and Fremont Lookout. These are just a few, but definitely look into going on a hike during your summer visit to Seattle.

5. Fremont Brewery & The Fremont Troll

You have to visit a brewery while your in Seattle! It’s just what you do. Fremont is located north of downtown Seattle and is a really cool hub of the city’s art and culture. Surely, you must have seen pictures of the famous Fremont Troll, a giant sculpture of the troll from the Three Billy Goats Gruff. After you snap a picture with your new troll friend, head over to Fremont Brewery for some good brews and pretzels. You can bring your own food too!

6. Golden Gardens Beach

Drive to this beautiful beach for some unreal views of the Olympic Mountain Range and Puget Sound. Go during the sunny summer’s day or for sunset. Walk to the end of the beach to witness some of Washington state’s wildlife like beavers, ducks, turtles, and more. It makes for a very peaceful outing.

7. Rachel’s Ginger Beer

You will need some cool refreshments when exploring Seattle in the summer, so head over to Rachel’s Ginger Beer for a home-made delight. There are several locations around the city one being at Pike Place Market! You can buy the ginger beer by the pint or have it in a mixed cocktail. Try a soft serve float—you won’t believe your tastebuds.

8. The Din Tai Fung Dumpling House

Looking for a fun dining experience while your in Seattle? Check out The Din Tai Fung Dumpling house! Enjoy the mouthwatering dim sum, soup dumplings, noodles, and bubble tea. You will be in foodie heaven. It’s located in University Village.

9. Kerry Park

Head to the famous Kerry Park for a picnic and views of Seattle’s skyline. Some say it’s the best view in Seattle, so don’t forget your camera. On a clear day you will even be able to see Mount Rainier! It is a beautiful park to spend the day and enjoy the sun or for a totally different experience at night. Watch as the city lights up after the sun sets.

10. Summer Tunes

If you’re a music lover, Seattle is an awesome city for you to visit! There are countless local music venues as well as big name venues. In particular, Triple Door Jazz Club and Jazz Alley are cool places to check out! Look into who’s coming into town when you’ll be there and head to a concert.

Do you understand why visiting Seattle is a must this summer? Seattle offers something for every kind of person. You will fall in love with the city, for sure!

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