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10 Best Poke Spots In The Country

Until recent years, the traditional Hawaiian dish of poke (pronounced “po-kay”) was merely a secret of the Hawaiian islands. As more and more people have discovered the intense flavor of this healthful dish that’s akin to sashimi served in salad form, poke restaurants have taken off across the mainland states. If a trip to Hawaii is out of your budget, there’s good news because you can find poke in plenty of other states. Here’s our list for 10 of the best poke restaurants to try in America.

1. Mainland Poke – Los Angeles, California

Now a chain of 5 Los Angeles-area eateries, this fast casual poke place is becoming quite the darling in the City of Angels. The fish is responsibly sourced and delivered fresh daily. One thing that is a bit unusual about the poke here is that they do not pre-marinate it. That’s kind of what gives it a signature distinction as every bowl is prepared to order from scratch. You can customize your own poke bowl or choose a tried and true bowl from the expert’s selection.

5 locations around Los Angeles, mainlandpoke.com

2. Noreetuh – New York City, New York

Hailing from Hawaii, the chef creates spectacular dishes with two regular poke variations that showcase the dazzling array of cultures that truly encompass Hawaiian culture with a blend of Polynesian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Filipino flair. The big eye tuna poke bowl melds macadamia nuts, seaweed, and pickled jalapenos together with the fresh chunks of fish, while the shrimp poke brings out the sweet natural flavor of the shrimp with contrasting tastes from wasabi, pearl onions, yuzu, and cucumber.

128 1st Ave, New York, www.noreetuh.com

3. Liholiho Yacht Club – San Francisco, California

At this Nob Hill restaurant, the owner is a native Hawaiian. Remaining true to his Hawaiian roots when it comes to creating poke is why this restaurant is a poke institution in the Bay Area. Close your eyes and taste the poke, and if you’ve ever had the good fortune to spend time in Hawaii, you will truly believe you are back on the islands again, eating poke on the best vacation of your life.

871 Sutter St, San Francisco, liholihoyachtclub.com

4. Mister Tuna, Denver

In the middle of the United States is probably the last place you’d expect to find amazing poke, but trust us, this Denver restaurant doesn’t disappoint. The chef here grew up in Oahu and made it his mission to bring poke to Denver. This Hawaiian restaurant focuses on grilled fare but has an out-of-this-world poke bowl with fresh ahi, avocado, seaweed, chili pepper, and soy dressing, just like the original poke bowls in Hawaii.

3033 Brighton Blvd, Denver, mistertuna.com

5. Aloha Poké Co – Chicago, Illinois

image by @alohapokeco

Poke has made its way to the Windy City too. In this restaurant, you get to choose your own poke adventure from an incredible selection of fresh fish. Choose marinated or naked cuts of ahi or salmon. Tofu is also available. Then come the plentiful toppings to make your poke bowl complete. Not sure what goes best together? They offer recommended combinations which might be a good choice to start with if it’s your first time having poke.

131 N Clinton St, Chicago, alohapokeco.com

6. Hula Girl Bar and Grill – Arlington, Virginia

This former food truck is now set in stone. Helmed by a Hawaii native, it was the first DC area Hawaiian restaurant. Three prime poke choices await you here with a traditional ahi version, a salt-cured salmon version, and a wood-grilled octopus version. It’s hard to choose, but don’t despair. You can get the poke sampler and try all three to find your favorite!

4044 Campbell Ave, Arlington, hulagirlbarandgrill.com

7. The Honey Paw – Portland, Maine

Maine is a place you think of for Maine lobster, not for poke. But The Honey Paw garnered the affections of the James Beard Foundation for its Asian fare. There is a rotating selection of poke that offers variations like scallops or hamachi. When melons are in season, it’s the best time to dine with melon making a splendid and refreshing addition to the light yet hearty poke bowls offered here.

78 Middle St, Portland, thehoneypaw.com

8. Jus’ Poke – Redondo Beach, California

It’s a simple place that focuses on the simplicity of the poke ingredients. The owner flies them in from Hawaii daily. The recipe is a Hawaiian family original, and the menu now includes 6 different poke options including spicy, shoyu, and California Roll, to name a few. You can also choose more than one poke to go in your bowl which is another huge driving force behind coming here for poke at all costs.

501 N Pacific Coast Hwy, Redondo Beach, juspoke.com

9. Prime Fish – Miami Beach, Florida

Floridians are no strangers to seafood, particularly those in South Florida. South Beach is full of fine dining seafood establishments but the first poke restaurant to arrive on the scene really turned heads. Despite being surrounded by water, the executive chef has big eye tuna flown in from Honolulu. The bowls are diligently prepared in true Hawaiian fashion, but have fun Floridian bits thrown in like hearts of palm, to give it a Sunshine State twist.

100 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, mylesrestaurantgroup.com

10. Fresh Catch – Oahu, Hawaii


And finally, if you have the chance to go to where poke comes from, don’t miss out on this restaurant. Here, you’ll find over 30 different varieties of poke. The locals will tell you the fireball ahi tuna is one of the best. Don’t miss the spicy smoked octopus either. And after Guy Fieri visited for his Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives show, he revealed how truly divine the ahi poke bowl was.

3109 Waialae Ave, Honolulu, freshcatch808.com

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