7 Best Hotel Bars in New Orleans

1. Sazerac Bar

This traditional hotel bar is perfect to start out our list of 10 best hotel bars in New Orleans. It may not be anything new, modern or distinctly mind-blowing but Sazerac has good atmosphere and they surely know how to create hotel bar with classic drinks and well-dressed bartenders. Sazerac has long history behind it and you can clearly see it in everything this bar has to offer. Even its name is from drink that is often seen as the first even mixed drink in the whole world.

Hotel: Roosevelt Hotel 130 Roosevelt Way New Orleans, LA 70112

2. The Victorian Lounge

Victorian Lounge is perfect for romantic cocktails or for those who want to experience ancient elegance. Try out classic cocktails or modern versions of them. Or if you truly want something different try out Victorian Lounge’s own signature cocktails. Victorian Lounge has homely feeling that has remained from its history as family dining room. Victorian Lounge is included in many guide books and has received many awards for different categories so it fits perfectly for our best hotel bars in New Orleans list.

Hotel: The Columns 3811 St. Charles Avenue New Orleans, La 70115

3. Hot Tin Roof

Hot Tin is new hotel bar in New Orleans that has taken over the hearts of locals. This Tennessee Williams themed bar had amazing view and is definitely one of the best rooftop bars in New Orleans. Their bar area is located in old penthouse and so it will charm you with elegant style and luxurious decorations. If you would rather enjoy the amazing view than spent time inside relaxing on cozy sofas, Hot Tin’s balcony is perfect place to mingle with locals while watching busy Saint Charles Avenue under you.

Hotel: The Pontchartrain Hotel 2031 St Charles Avenue New Orleans, LA 70130

4. Davenport Lounge

Some even call this bar the best kept secret of New Orleans. Their live jazz nights are widely popular and cocktails known amongst the locals. Davenport Lounge got its name from the hotels well-known regular musician Jeremy Davenport. This alone should convince you to visit Davenport Lounge that is one of the best hotel bars in New Orleans. If it’s not enough or you are not friend of jazz music visit them for delicious New Orleans themed cocktails.

Hotel: The Ritz-Carlton 921 Canal Street New Orleans, LA 70112

5. Carousel Bar

Would you fancy a drink in carousel? This hotel bar looks like a carousel but what makes it so special is that the room spins around slowly so you can admire the views from its windows. Go people watching or just enjoy this silly themed bar. It is one of the most unique and best hotel bars in New Orleans that has been open for 65 years.

Hotel: Hotel Monteleone 214 Royal Street New Orleans, LA 70130

6. Roosevelt Hotel’s Rooftop Bar

Mojitos, mimosas and other drinks perfect for evening on the rooftop bar. Roosevelt Hotel’s rooftop is renovated to lounge perfect for relaxation next to their huge pool and bar serving all kind of cocktails. Even if their pool is open around the year bar serves customers only starting from March. For those who want to spent more private evening sipping cocktails bar rents cabanas for full day.

Hotel: Roosevelt Hotel 130 Roosevelt Way New Orleans, LA 70112

7. Ace Hotel’s Lobby Bar

This lobby bar is popular among the young and creative minds of New Orleans. Local bloggers, entrepreneurs and just those who want to have good time meet here for delicious cocktails. Day time bar is perfect for small talk and meeting friends while at evenings live music and DJs change it to perfect party bar. Their cocktail menu changes seasonally so there is always something new to try out.

Hotel: Ace Hotel 600 Carondelet Street New Orleans, LA 70130

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