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As Frank Sinatra sang, "Chicago... I'll show you around... I love it." People that live here and people that come visit can agree that this city is, in fact, easy to love! It boasts unbelievable culture, world-class dining, and an eclectic skyline and architecture that is unlike any other city.

Furthermore, Chicago's geographical location make it incredibly unique; situated in the Midwest, both coasts are easily accessible and its positioning on Lake Michigan allows visitors and tourists to enjoy both the urban environment and the beach on the lakefront. The Willis Tower, formerly known as the Sears Tower, is a 108-story skyscraper that defines Chicago's infamous skyline. When it was completed in 1974, it was the tallest building in the world and held that very rank for nearly 25 years. In 2003, Sears lost its naming rights for the building and as a result, in 2009, Willis Group Holdings, Ltd. leased a large portion of the building and retained those naming rights. As of July 16, 2009, the Sears Tower was officially renamed Willis Tower. Chicago is also a popular destination for world-class dining and international culinary masters. A newer edition to the list of well-known Chicago restaurants is Graham Elliot. World-renown chef Graham Elliot Bowles presents a new approach to fine dining that does away with dress-codes, white table cloths, and tuxedoed servers and brings "humor and accessibility" to four-star cuisine in a hip and approachable environment. If you're able to score a reservation, it's a unique experience that is incredibly synonymous with Chicago and is a "must go" when in town. Another well-known Chicago attraction, known as "The Bean," is technically called the Cloud Gate Sculpture and is situated in Millennium Park. Its a three-story steel sculpture, designed by artist Anish Kapoor, that resembles a legume and cost nearly $23 million to complete. It was inspired by liquid mercury, and its reflective surface distorts anything coming into contact with it, whether it be the visitors standing in front of it or the skyline a few blocks away. There are also a number of nicknames that have been assigned to Chicago that represent the city from both a historical and modern perspective, including: Chi-town, the Windy City, the Second City, the City of Big Shoulders, and the Most American of Big Cities. Once you've visited, it's easy to see that the diverse nature of this town warrants so many nicknames. Chicago is truly a unique town that offers its residents and visitors so many things to do; it's no wonder that people continue visiting to soak up all that this great city has to offer!

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