Spotlight for Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis is one-half of what is commonly known as the Twin Cities, or what native Minnesota residents simply call "the Cities." While Minneapolis is the most populous city in Minnesota, the other half of this infamous city duo, and also the state capital, is Saint Paul.
Although these cities are usually spoken of together, they are actually completely independent municipalities and have qualities that are very distinct from one another. With their downtown districts being approximately nine miles apart, Minneapolis is a bit newer with more modern architecture and large city streets, while Saint Paul has more of a vintage feel with a great deal of late-Victorian building design. A popular neighborhood in downtown Minneapolis is known as Uptown. This area populates the southwestern part of Minneapolis and is the home to many artists, quaint shopping, excellent restaurants, and many independent theater productions. The Uptown Theater, formerly known as the Lagoon Theater, opened in 1913 and still acts as the primary anchor within this neighborhood. It primarily screens foreign and art films, but also shows cult films from time to time at midnight screenings. Chino Latino is a well-known restaurant within Minneapolis that is a self proclaimed fusion restaurant with "Far East and Japanese cuisine with a Latin bar." The diverse food selections and hip bar environment make it a popular dining destination for locals and tourists alike. One of the top attractions that visitors primarily like to check out while they're in the area is called Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. It offers tree-lined walkways that are lined with magnificent public art displays. The Sculpture Garden attracts people from all over, and many spend beautiful afternoons viewing the art and enjoying picnics in the park. Nestled in the heart of the Midwest, many are not aware of the all that Minneapolis and Saint Paul have to offer. Many compare the neighborhoods in both cities to cozy European towns. As such, the ability to access these cities with such ease make it a great destination for the traveler seeking local culture in a quaint, friendly environment.
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